The Four Corners

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Court's out for summer! After many months of waiting and wondering, the Supremes finally showed up and made some respectable discisions.

First, they made a middle of the road ruling on Michigan's affirmative action programs. Striking the point system while honoring diversity. Some said it sounded like Justice O'Conner's swang song, I sure hope not.

Next, they just decided to strike an anachronistic Texas law that criminalizes sexual behavior (sodomy), which asked the state to intrude on your bedrooms. In a 6-3 Decison, the justices said the law violated due process guarantees. Thank you! Now Texas will have to cook up new ways to be homophobic. And yes Jerry, there is something wrong with that.

PSSorry for the lax blogging. Also note that the Michigan case ruling was due in large part to Amicus briefs filed by corporate heavyweights and retired Generals like Wesley K. Clark and "Desert Stormin'" Norman Schwartzkopf. Good work! At ease gentleman!